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Of the earth

Anette Schive

Anette Schive is a well-known name on the Norwegian fashion scene. She usually does fashion and beauty shoots, because, in her own words, “that’s my favorite thing to do!” Asking her why, she tells us that it’s because she finds working with other creative people inspiring, and because she likes how the model, styling and setting all pulls together in a photo. 


We love Anette’s work and are equally fascinated by what she calls her hobby: nature photography.

“I’ve always loved the woods, and that’s where I feel the most comfortable, so being able to walk around and find little details and special things in the landscape feels kind of like meditation to me. What I like about photography, whether it’s fashion or nature photography I’m doing, is telling a story; creating a mood that there might be a story behind, whether it’s a picture of a model or a leaf. I try not to make it too obvious, that makes the pictures boring, but rather give people the feeling that there’s something there, if you just look close enough...”

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