Text: Anna Vaagland // Images: Beata Szczecinska

Published: 20 January 2020

Beata Szczecinska is a visual artist who expands her field of activity to illustration, design and mural. In her creative work, she touches upon topics related to contemporary civilization, transforming them into the language of forms. 

We are presenting two of Beatas latest series; Consumerism and Metamorphosis. Both series are a result of her interest in the subject of mass production, a theme that has been present in her graphics for years. 

Metamorphosis is about the mental transformation that occurs when colliding with modern civilization. Beata feels that this is not an organic transformation; it is more forced by external factors. It has to do with the unconsciousness and permeation. She is exploring what she calls a collision of two systems that are dispersed, interpenetrate and devoided of solid shape, they evolve, dominate one over the other.

The Consumerism series focuses on excessive consumption, unjustified by the real needs of heaving, where not ecological or social costs are important. It is built on feelings related to a sense of anxiety, chaos, often resulting from excessive promotion of individualism or reduced interpersonal relationships.