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Photo: Elliott J. Morgan


Alizé Demange is a fashion stylist based in London. She has a distinct taste that’s made her a popular choice for both magazines and celebrities. Demange is currently working with DJ and TV-presenter Maya Jama, both for Jama’s new TV-show as well as for events, such as when she hosted the MOBO awards in London in the end of November this year. In addition, Demange’s recent editorial work includes styling Big Shaq for his first ever editorial shoot for Brick magazine (in a huge, red jacket – cause, uhm, MAN’S NOT HOT!) and music videos such as WSTRN’s Ben’ Ova. But without further ado: feast your eyes on Alizé’s amazing work, and read about what stylist life really is about!

How did you become a stylist? What’s your background and education?


I started assisting in my first year of university when I was 18, as I had original plans of being a fashion designer. That didn't really work out… for the best, mind you! I dropped out of uni, but still maintained personal projects and tried to assist, until I eventually went back to uni and got a degree in FASHION MARKETING & TEXTILE DESIGN - all while still assisting and developing my own creative work.


What does a normal work day look like for you?


Currently it’s a 9 AM - 9 PM non-stop running around the city, from meeting to store appointments to PR companies to e-mails, but it's quieting down now that the end of year is coming.


London might be the most fashion forward city in the world, how do you make it to the top of your field in a city with such fierce competition?


Ha, I wouldn't know, I am not there yet! It's a tough industry and I honestly don't know how to get to the 'top,' but I try to stay genuine in my beliefs and authentic to my vibe, and hopefully that channels through within my work and resonates with who it needs to!

Photo: Ollie Adegboye for Brick Magazine

You’re not just styling fashion editorials, but also celebrities for red carpet events and such. Do you approach these types of jobs differently?


Every job is different and every job requires different levels of creativity. Also, every job is for a different audience, so I have to bare this in mind when I work. The level of care and attention to detail also differs when working with celebrities, who are actually real people (believe it or not!), and you have to bare their thoughts into account, whereas an editorial is effectively a made up narrative which can be altered for a still image... So definitely very different styles of work.


What are some projects you’re currently working on?


I'm currently working on allowing myself some chill time over Christmas, because I've been working a bit too much, ha!



Where do you find inspiration?


I find inspo in my day-to-day, and in my childhood and adolescence. I am nostalgic, I can be inspired by memories, but also I try to go to a lot of exhibitions and watch movies. In 2017 though, with Instagram, I have a constant scroll of inspo so I try to follow accounts that will make me go “wow!” at the end of the day.

Photo: Jordan Green for Reebok Classics

You’ve also published a small zine, what do you think is the future of physical fashion magazines in this digital age?


For the masses, I think the future is obviously digital, but you can't beat a physical copy of something if it feels special enough!

What’s your take on green fashion, and is that something you incorporate in your work?

I do notice the amount of waste I have to make with this job, and it is something that doesn't sit well with me. I'm going to have an office soon and I'm going to work on ways that I can make a small difference within my lifestyle, and I also want to incorporate younger people in this as well. It's a plan in the making!

Do you have any advice to young people who want to get into the fashion industry?

Be yourself. You think you need to slot into a box, but you really don't... Lots of enthusiasm, originality and RESEARCH, assist people everywhere you can <3

Last, but not least: who’s your dream person to style?

M.I.A., but I think I would get nervous and fuck it up.

Alizé Demange shot by Maria Pearl

All editorial photos from Alizé Demange's portfolio -
Cover photo by Ollie Adegboye for Viper Magazine
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