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Photo: Julia Kidder

Familiar minimalisme

Marthe Elise Stramrud (b. 1984 in Kristiansand, Norway) works across multiple artistic disciplines due to her background from architecture, art and photography. Her presentation of everyday objects in different context, form and space are both intriguing and mesmerizing and her work with sculptures initiates the conversation of what art is.

Stramrud works with the sculptural and painterly in photography – often with an exploration of display and use. She uses clay and photographs as vehicles for studying the oscillation between silhouettes, backdrops, flatness and form, between two and three dimensions, and also between photographs, objects and our minds. Stramrud places her sculptures in the traditional exhibition format within a white cube gallery as well as in the forests outdoors or on people’s dining tables. Lately she has been fascinated with how works of art have the possibility of vibrating energy at what can only be considered a spiritual level, getting curious of finding ways to nurture the side of us that yearns for more delicate tokens of human empathy. Her pursuit is to make a place where non-verbal reactions are called forth. Like joy, melancholy and humour.

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