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Heather Rasmussens combination of materials and art forms creates unique and absurd universes. Check out some of her work and thoughts here.

Maya Vik The Doyennes

Madeleine Schultz is a journalist and author. Here at The Doyennes, we’re big fans of her writing – read on for her thoughts on the #metoo winter, the way forward when it comes to gender equality, and why it’s so important for women to have each others’ backs.

Adela Andea uses light and space to explore the line between reality and the virtual world, by creating uniquely illuminated and kinetic sculptures. 

Maya Vik The Doyennes

The photographs from Sara Angelica Spilling´s series «móðir jörð» are both otherworldly and intimate, and lucky for us in the Oslo area, on exhibit this month. 

Nosizwe Lise Baqwa has impressed us with her soulful music, her work in the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization ICAN, and her performance in I Am Nina at the Nordic Black Theatre, where she portrayed the legendary Nina Simone. A doyenne in more than one field, we asked her about her career dos and don'ts.

Making it in the fashion industry takes lots of hard work and a strong belief in your own taste, as competition is fierce and trends change constantly. We had a chat with stylist Alizé Demange about the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous parts of her job.

There are lots of exciting, female writers these days, and we love discovering a strong voice. Roskva Koritzinsky is one of them, click away for an insight into a brilliant author's mind, and some book- and film recommendations for the holidays while we're at it!

Mari Tveita Stagrim is a young, Norwegian author whose books have been well received by reviewers and regular readers alike. We read her latest book, and it definitely lived up to our expectations!

What´s the unlikely connection between environmentalism, feminism and fashion? Our contributing editor Maggie Alva discusses the question in this article. Editorial by photographer Linnea Syversen

Having a passion for something can often lead you to the right career. We spoke to food enthusiast, entrepreneur and author Julie Ilona Balas on how she became one of Norway’s top food bloggers!

Chris Kraus’ book I Love Dick has finally been aknowledged as the brilliant work it is, after 20 years in obscurity. Read on for our take on this modern, feminist classic. 

Anna Almqvist is passionate about the reuse and recycling of clothes and furniture, both on a professional plan and in her personal life and home. Read on for her thoughts on why buying secondhand is the key to a better and fairer world.

«Terrence Caviar» consists of stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan. Based in Columbus, Ohio (Maguire) and San Francisco (McClellan), the collaborative duo hops the nearest planes, trains and automobiles to work together every chance they get. Check out their newest series "Wardrobe Snacks" here.

Johanna Siring is a Norwegian high-end photographer based in New York City who is frequently traveling internationally to capture stories, fashion editorials, artists and people in general that catch her eye. The drive behind her work is her constant fascination for new people, the fact that every person on this planet has a unique character and personality- there is always a new story to tell.

Cathrine Linn Kristiansen Feministisk Iniativ

Ditte Kristensen has brought an international flair to the Norwegian fashion industry, as one of the main forces behind Oslo Runway. Oslo is still seen as the little sister of its Scandinavian siblings Stockholm and Copenhagen on the fashion front, but is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. Read on for some expert insights!

Julie Pike is one of Norways leading fashion photographers. Using natural light and nordic nature, she creates strong narratives with a subtle poetic touch. Her work has been widely shown internationally with exhibitions in Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris, Miami and New York.

Maya Vik The Doyennes

When Myra released the tune "Hold An" in 2016, she quickly got recognized by the rap community for her distinctive sound. One year later, she's working with some of Norway's best rappers and making soundtracks for films. We met her in the studio and found out what she's up to next!

Cathrine Linn Kristiansen Feministisk Iniativ

Anna Lorin and Ksenia Voynova both live in cold Canada, but founded their swimwear company based on their love for warm, Mediterranean islands. Read on for their best advice on how to mix business and friendship.

When taking a break from fashion photography, Anette Schive goes to the woods. Click to follow her into a beautiful world of details, capturing Mother Nature at her finest!

Born in Michigan, Emma Craft has developed a habit of traveling, so it’s no surprise that she is inspired by the pastels of Hong Kong, or the artwork from the frenchman Fragonard. She lusts after the idea to live inside one of Fragonard's dreamscapes of paintings, which is often showcased in her work.

Maya Vik The Doyennes

The award winning writer Maja Hattvang is just out with her new book «Natural Enough». Read on for some good advice on how to make carefully curated words your career.

Fine organic lines and bold brushes combined with graphic compositions are strongly represented in Helene Egeland’s artwork. Since her studio "Strek" was established in September 2015 she has been seeking the intriguing balance and interaction between details and simplicity.

Ingvild Lothe fotografert av Siren Lauvdal

"Noen ganger forveksler jeg ordet ovenfor med overfor og andre ganger ligger jeg med menn jeg ikke liker"


Ingvild Lothe debuterte i 2015 med diktsamlingen "Litt lyst til å pule, litt lyst til å dø". Nå skriver hun roman og har nylig blitt tildelt Ragnar Hovlands unge lyriker-pris.

Artist Tania Grace Knuckey has blessed us with some thoughts on her experience of gender discrimination in the art world, and why that should be a thing of the past!

Tania Grace Knuckey for the doyennes
Cathrine Linn Kristiansen Feministisk Iniativ

Cathrine Linn Kristiansen has been at the forefront of the women’s rights movement for years, including in the fight against rape. Last year, she was one of the main organizers behind the demonstration in connection with the Hemsedal case, demanding security under the rule of law for women in rape cases.


Definitely a doyenne, so we had a chat with her.

Sunniva Stordahl Bjørklund tidligere supermodell

Sunniva Stordahl Bjørklund is a researcher at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, specializing in breast cancer genetics. If that wasn't enough, she is also a supermodel with some of the biggest names in the fashion world on her resume! We picked Sunniva's brain on science, feminism and finding your way.

Maya Vik The Doyennes

Other than being extremely talented, Maya Vik is also uncompromising when it comes to following her own path in a tough music industry. We had a chat with her about brilliant movie one-liners, hustling and life as a self-declared funk noodle.

Kristine Helliesen is an artist working with photography, text and film. She is currently trying to write a book, so she takes a lot of walks with her cat. Check out her photoseries "View" here.

View av Kristine Helliesen for The Doyennes

Photographer Linnea Syversen is inspired by the beautiful and the brutal, and that combination has gotten her photos published in magazines like ELLE and Vogue, as well as put her behind the camera lens for dark rock videos. She is also a social activist engaged in the LGBTQI cause, as Deputy Leader of Queer Artists. We’re intrigued, read on for more!

Elisa García is from Mexico, where she has studied sociology and politics at the Universidad de Monterrey. Her main field of interest is gender roles, the different norms and values that boys and girls are raised with, and how it affects their lives as adults. At The Doyennes HQ, we’re happy to receive international contributions to the gender debate, read on for a Latin-American view!

Åsa Formark is well-known on the fashion scene in Oslo for her Vogue-recommended vintage store, Velouria Vintage. Read on for her best advice on being an entrepreneur, daring to follow your dreams and, of course, fighting the patriarchy while at it!

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